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UPDATE 21 March 2014:

Just wanted to inform all members, the folder "Characters Downloads" is completely filled, please send your works to the folder "Characters Downloads Folder II" .



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Rules of XNALara★

1• You can join the XNALara★ group atomatically
when you press the:

or you can also observe the XNALara★ only:

2• Send your image to the correct folder
or this image you will be ignored and declined.

3• If are accepted images for adults.
But please not SEX scenes or any other sexual
act, only art nudity.

4• Please! respect all members of the XNALara
If you have a problems with someone? PLEASE! not
discussed within the group.

Welcome and enjoy your atay in
the XNALara★ group.



Before starting XNALara★, install the
following in your operating system:

Windows 8/Vista/XP:

1• Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Page Official:…

2• Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.0

Page Official:…

Windows 7:

1• Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.0

Page Official:…


The update DirectX and your graphics card.











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XxRoxasPrincessxX Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Wheres the best place to download XNALara? Im interested in this.
MasterKenway2014 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Watch Dogs Tools

Watch Dogs – Direct File Import.

To prove that it is possible to reimport files directly into the dat-file, I’ve done some experimenting with one
particular DDS file (which has a XBT extension).

The main problem I had, was to find the position of a particular file within the [windy_city.dat] file.

After trying out several tools, [WD_Extractor] (a GUI friendly WD exporter) gave me just that. Unfortunately,
the tool does not detect all DDS files; and no idea how the other formats will do.

Using [Xnview], I quickly scrolled through the exported DDS files to find one particular DDS file which
location I could easily pinpoint within the city. Luckily, the wall poster at the Owl Motel
[adpaint_motel_01_d.xbt] was just what I needed.
[WD_Extractor] extracts files in a generic_name (meaningless) version (and without any additional header info),
so I had to find the corresponding file “manually” in the unpacked [windy_city_unpack] folder… However,
through its ‘Properties’ option, [WD_Extractor] gives you the offset of that file within – in this case – the
[windy_city.dat] file. As I found out later, that position is the exact position where the DDS-part of the file starts
(along with the correct size_value).

So, during import, we either use that position to import the (changed) DDS file. Or we first deduct the
header_value (96 bytes) from that position, in order to import the (changed) XBT file.

Also, if one extracts the [dat]-file without using the [projects] folder, you’ll get a single folder with hex-named
files (and their appropriate extensions). The ‘header’ in those files is shorter (only 44 bytes), while the unpacked
files - with the [projects] folder – contain a header of 96 bytes; just like in the actual [windy_city.dat] file.

As I had now found the appropriate/corresponding file in the [windy_city_unpack] folder, I could finally start
my experimenting.

Step 1: add this file in the [Patch.dat] file to see that everything continues working as expected.
Result: no problems so far

Step 2: change the DDS file slightly, and see if it shows within the game using the [Patch.dat] file.
I used [] to add some text to the wall poster. Important here is to know what type of format it uses
(in this case DXT5), and what options to select before saving. I kept its “standard” options, but eventually
chose to save with Bitmaps (as this gave me pretty much the same size as the original file).

Result: no problems (after some experimenting: if done incorrectly, you’ll see a ‘white’ poster)
Step 3: use the changed DDS file to reimport directly into the [windy_city.dat] file (keeping its original size).
The [Patch.dat] file has to be removed/renamed so that it is not used any longer.
Using [sfk.exe] (Swiss File Knife) and based on the “Properties”-values given by [WD_Extractor], I ran
following command:
[sfk172 partcopy adpaint_motel_01_d_NEW.xbt -allfrom 0 windy_city.dat 46273360]
(whereby 46273456-96=46273360, being the fact that it had a 96-byte header)

Result: no problems (after some experimenting: if done incorrectly, you’ll see a ‘white’ poster)
How I found out to use the 96-byte header:
a. Since I got ‘white’ posters at first, I looked at the unpacked file again, and now saw that its header was
actually 96-bytes long.
b. To be sure how the file “existed” within the [windy_city.dat] file, I extracted it from there directly using

SFK again:
[sfk172 partcopy windy_city.dat 46273360 175024 adpaint_motel_01_d_SFK.xbt]
(I first deducted 44 bytes, but quickly noticed that this header was incorrect…)
(if I wanted the DDS file immediately, then I could extract from position 46273456)
HollowFactor Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
anyone know where i can get blender 2.7 mesh.ascii export and import or for 2.69 i used to have them but cant seem to find them.. or can someone at least help me fix a shoulder and wrist issue with my model..
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Gunslina Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there any B.Orchid Model here?
kishbish Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
the download link for xps 10.9.7 is down... could someone please reupload it? :/
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